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“I have had the pleasure of working with Bob for the past several months on mixed-signal verilog-AMS and verilog-A modeling of a SerDes design. Bob worked with each member of the team to develop models for the various component blocks, and he did so mostly independently since everyone is so busy. While developing the blocks and test-benches to verify each component, he had to deal with numerous tool issues, and found solutions that we all can now use. One great thing about how Bob works is that he records everything that he has been doing, and actually makes detailed presentations along the way. That way, there is no need for a massive and inefficient disk dump at the end of the assignment. So far, Bob has put together component models for much of the receiver and has looked at the transmitter and channel modeling. In the coming months, we will have a comprehensive mixed-signal model to evaluate how the SerDes plays various targeted I/O standards.” July 18, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

Richard Booth,
hired Robert as a Mixed-Signal modeling in 2010



“Bob is a tireless engineer who puts a lot of thought into his work. He communicates technical ideas clearly and concisely. His modeling style is thorough, detailed, and can handle unanticipated events. In addition to his focus and dedication to finishing the task at hand, he's a very generous guy and a pleasure to work with.” March 12, 2010

Russell Mohn, Senior Design Engineer, Epoch Microelectronics
worked directly with Robert at R. Peruzzi Consulting


“I placed Bob with Epoch Microelectronics back in November 2009. Bob is an trustworthy and reliable engineer and great to work with. He is very professional at what he does and an excellant engineer whom I would recommend to anyone. I would definitely like to work with him again!” March 3, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Mark Chen ( ),
hired Robert as a RF, Analog and Mixed-signal Verification and Behavioral Modeling Consultant in 2009


“I highly recommend for mixed-signal, behavioral modeling work. He is proficient in AMS model development and comes up to speed to begin contributing very quickly on new projects. In addition, Bob is a conscientious, hard worker who is a pleasure to deal with both personally and prfessionally” March 19, 2009

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Martin Heimann,
hired Robert as a Engineering Services in 2009


“Bob has a remarkably deep understanding of behavioral modeling and its usage in verification. He came into this project, "hit the ground running", resolved a set of really difficult issues with a great sense of prioritization, and neatly wrapped up in order to move on to his next challenge. I will certainly miss his council as he does so.” March 13, 2009

Kevin Stiles, Verification Engineering, LSI Corp
worked directly with Robert at R. Peruzzi Consulting


“I have worked on many projects with Bob over the last 10 years, and in every case he has played a key role in producing high quality silicon designs for mixed signal, power management, and RF applications. He takes an active role in verification to ensure design intent and circuit implementation are in alignment as well as making sure application requirements are met. He carefully documents his modeling plans and reviews them with other designers, a process which exposes design issues early in the development process. This effort pays off nicely during final chip verification since block level issues are generally resolved early allowing Bob to focus on chip level issues. Aside from his technical expertise, Bob brings enthusiasm to projects he works on which promotes teamwork and esprit de corps.” November 24, 2008

Lawrence Rigge, Sr. Manager RF & Mixed Signal IC Development, LSI/Mobility Division
managed Robert at LSI




“I have known Robert Peruzzi for 3 years. He worked under my supervision as an analog IC designer in a mixed-signal design group at Agere Systems. He was responsible for the design of voltage reference and voice band CODEC of the Conversion Signal Processor (CSP) for continuous Full-Duplex EDGE/GPRS applications, as well as design of analog blocks for other projects supporting wireless handsets. He did an excellent job completing his assigned analog design tasks on time. His attention to detail during the design phase assured Silicon worked the first time. I recommend Robert as an experienced analog designer. He earned a Ph.D. from Lehigh University and Senior Member of Technical Staff job title at Agere Systems.” November 20, 2008

Jose Mena, Technical Manager, AT&T Bell Labs/Lucent Technologies/Agere Systems
managed Robert at Agere Systems (formerly Lucent technologies, AT&T Bell Labs)


“Bob is extremely clever and insightful as a design engineer and especially talented in developing behavioral models (Cadence AMS) of DCDC converters, Low Drop-Out linear voltage regulators and many other RF and Power Management Integrated Circuit blocks. Bob's invaluable DCDC model resulted in 36x speed-up in transient simulation time. Bob's creativity and talent for finding solutions to challenging circuit modelling have resolved numerous functional bugs prior to IC tapeout, saving extra design spins & mask sets.” December 23, 2008

Edward Campbell, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Agere Systems
worked directly with Robert at LSI


“I worked closely with Bob as a user of his analog models on several projects and I highly recommend his work. The quality and accuracy of his models clearly demonstrate his skill, not only as a modeler but as an analog designer. His work uncovered many bugs, both analog and digital, and was a key reason for our first silicon successes. And with his wry sense of humor, Bob is just a great guy to work with.” December 8, 2008

Rich Schranz, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Agere Systems
worked directly with Robert at Agere Systems (formerly Lucent technologies, AT&T Bell Labs)


“I would like to recommend Bob's work on AMS modeling and verification during this time period. I worked closely with Bob and he took care of many very complicated modeling assignments. He worked with our analog design counterparts, studied (and corrected) their equations, and could be counted on for an accurate representation. He also wrote quite a few tests, some we're likely still using. And Bob's sense of humor was good entertainment for our team, too.” November 12, 2008

Tim Conrad, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Agere
worked directly with Robert at Agere Systems (formerly Lucent technologies, AT&T Bell Labs)


“Robert is a Senior Circuit and AMS Design Engineer. He has excellent people skills and works well in teams. I have worked with Robert for the pass 4 years and I enjoyed working as well as consulting with him on projects.” December 5, 2008

Brian Horton, RF IC Designer Engineer, Infineon Technologies
worked directly with Robert at Infineon Technologies


“Bob was a key contributor to the team while he was at Agere/LSI/Infineon. The careful modeling work that he did saved us from showstopper bugs before we taped out. After we taped out, his more detailed modeling helped troubleshoot some of the problems that we discovered. His work has impressed me as detailed and clear, and the high level models agree closely with the circuit level simulations. Definitely a good guy to have on your team.” November 18, 2008

Dave Bengtson, RF Concept Engineer, Infineon Technologies
worked directly with Robert at Infineon Technologies


“Robert is a careful and competent analog modeling engineer. He is familiar with the AMS tools from cadence and other vendors, as well as the various analog modeling languages. In our group, he has modeled numerous analog/RF blocks from mixer to PLLs. Further, his work is always well documented. Robert would be a good addition to any group looking to strengthen their modeling methodology.” November 13, 2008

Craig Appel, Engineer, Infineon Technologies
worked with Robert at Infineon Technologies


“Having worked with Bob Peruzzi on several different projects over the last several years (2000/2001 to 2008) I have found him to be an excellent engineer. His skills in both analog circuit design and analog behavioral modelling were found to be invaluable, which when added to his dedication, hard work and interpersonal skills made him a welcome addition to every project we shared.” November 13, 2008

Andrew Webb, DMTS, LSI/Agere/Lucent/AT&T Bell Labs
worked directly with Robert at Infineon Technologies